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Cedar Creek Lake - Double C Docks

"The view of a Texas sunset, the warmth of its breeze, and the relaxing sound of lapping waves filling the senses are the reasons for a retreat to Cedar Creek Lake. Allow us to enhance even this experience." 

- Double C Docks


Two driven designer-builders have joined forces with the same ambition, to build a fresh and modern service that encompasses their passion to design and create. The pride in their craftsmanship is what makes this company stand out.  The experience within Double C Docks have been artfully designing and shaping visions on Cedar Creek Lake for over a decade.  



Choose Craftsmanship


"We build because we love the craft and fulfilling an individual's vision is the most rewarding part of our trade."


Receive Quality

Located on Cedar Creek Lake, Double C Docks holds pride in their craft and gains satisfaction by pleasing their clients




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